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Bespoke Training

Customers are always looking for the best price; but don't overlook the importance of helpful, well-informed service from your staff as well. Staff who understand wood and can talk knowledgeably to customers are more likely to be able to sell them value-added products, recommend to them the right products for the job, and advise them of any pitfalls.

TFT Woodexperts offer efficient, targeted training for your staff, helping them to learn exactly what you want them to learn, backed up by the excellent timber technology expertise of our tutors. In this way, we establish an engaging and fascinating wood science-based context for all aspects of your operation, and inspire your staff with the confidence to get out there and talk timber!


TFT Woodexperts can offer short courses to improve the general knowledge of your staff and encourage them in best practice, including:

  • Appreciation of tiling batten grading to BS 5534
  • Appreciation of scaffold board grading to BS 2482
  • Recognising dangerous or ungraded scaffold boards
  • Refresher training on grading of softwoods, tiling battens and scaffold boards


TFT Woodexperts provide practical training to help your staff achieve a recognised qualification in Visual Strength Grading:

  • Softwoods to BS 4978
  • Temperate Hardwoods to BS 5756
  • Tropical Hardwoods to BS 5756
  • Scaffold Board grading to BS 2482
  • TFT Woodexperts - Use of Sustainable Wood Products in Roofing 


The course focuses on compliance, sustainability and responsibility with regard to the use of timber in roofing, and includes:

  • Understanding environmental benefits of using timber in construction
  • Challenges of global warming 
  • The structure of timber
  • Strength-reducing growth characteristics that can affect battens
  • Rules for assessment of battens
  • British Standards requirements for grading

This course includes practical assessment and end test.